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My latest app for iOS. Lately being interested in developing games for iOS I decide to create a 2D top down view micro machine style racing game. I wanted mainly to experiment with Sprite Kit and the physics engine that comes with Sprite Kit. I was surprised how quickly and easily you can get a full game up and running using Sprite Kit. Source will be available soon.

A small selection of videos from my Hornet Project. My first Honda Hornet was a 2007 model and after selling it I came to miss it. I decided to take on a restoration project and looked for a non-runner on eBay and found this. When I picked it up the engine was barely running, made a horrible knocking noise and corrosion was everywhere. However it came with an Ohlins shock! So began the mission to get this bike fully up and running. Full details here.

Building a quadcopter from scratch, including coding up the flight controller. For me this was the most exciting part as I love working with the interaction between software and hardware in realtime. Making use of onboard sensors to turn those readings into corresponding actions. In this case, maintaining level flight.